We change the way of product innovation.

CURI:[curiosity]LAB:[innovationlab] is your partner in building meaningful digital products through excellence in user experience design.

This is a space to enable long term support by co-creation because innovation comes from iteration - day by day.

Holistic understanding

Every challenge wants to be understood. With our proven methods for a holistic understanding, we jointly work out the essence behind a challenge and formulate the right hypotheses.

A powerful strategy

With an understanding of challenge and based on our hypotheses, we develop a strategy with all components that are important for success. Always in close exchange with the appropriate experts in the company and outside. On focus is a strong user experience.

Straight into realization

With our unwavering focus on excellent user experience and our agile way of working, we don’t waste any time. In sprint format, we go directly into implementation. Following agile principles, prototypes are created, elements are tested and iterated. This is how some of the best software solutions in the world are created.

Bullished to invest in topics we are curious about.

Let’s go. Start now at CURILAB.

CURILAB is laboratory, innovation and coach at the same time. We share our knowledge from our own products and projects with our teams and customers. We help you taking your product to the next level and from there we develop it further every day. 

Start a project

The best way to get to know each other is to work together. Together with you in the team we will bring your product to the next level. Let’s get started right away.


You know that a good product has to be developed permanently? Then you are in the right place. We are always at your side and help you with the development. In regular calls with knowledge about user experience, digital products, eCom and an agile mindset. 


Our knowledge and expertise come from our own projects and companies, which we develop at CURILAB. To this end, we invest in new business models and companies or joint ventures. Achieve great things together? Then get in touch.

Success Stories

We work every day to improve on yesterday’s results. 

Our already successfully managed projects are also constantly evolving.


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We pass on our expertise from our own companies and projects to our customers by cooperation.

Ready for take off?